Richard Bernstein

Employee, New York Building Congress
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Marketing Firm Merkle Takes 30,000-Square-Foot Sublease In Random House Tower

Random House Not Bookish About Office Size, re-ups 361,044 sf lease

Weathering the Storm: 4th Quarter Leasing Saw Improvements

Real Capital Analytics Signs 110 Fifth Avenue Deal

Had Today’s Occupancy Trends Existed in 1967, Mad Men’s Don Draper Would Have Worked Remotely From Home

Breaking Barriers: Richard Bernstein and Peter Hennessy on Cassidy Turley’s Star Turn

The negotiations behind Aegis Media’s renewal and renovation deal at 150 East 42nd Street

An Evening at the Liar’s Ball: Raucous Behavior! Bottles of Colgin at the 21 Club! Talking Over the Cardinal?

The Accidental Journeyman

EverBank Inks Valley National Sublease at TIAA-CREF’s 780 Third Avenue

Engineering Firm Hardesty & Hanover Digs in at The Paramount Building

Textile Firm Signs 2 Park Avenue Sublease

150 East 42nd Street|Office Leasing|08/22/2015

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